EMPLOYEES at ECG Holdings can choose to spend their weekday mornings sleeping in or head to work early to avoid the peak- hour crush.

Staff at the property firm do not have fixed working hours; They are required to work 40 to 44 hours weekly but can start work any time before noon.

Chief executive Eric Cheng said he hopes the policy, implemented in January, will lead to higher levels of job satisfaction.

The firm, which also has a presence in Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and Australia, has about 70 staff at its Singapore headquarters.

"To be fair, I have not seen an immediate drastic change in productivity levels, but I can see that staff are happier," said Mr Cheng.

"When staff are happier, hopefully that means better results."

Previously, employees were expected to work from 9am to 6.30pm, five days a week.

Mr Cheng said the company is still considering whether the new policy should be implemented in its offices in other parts of the world.

"Different cultures have different expectations and ways of working... We're trying to do this in Singapore first to see how it works out," he said.