STJobs has introduced the first Pay Rise Calculation Tool to give working adults an insight on how to calculate their real net income earned after factoring in their taxes and Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution, so as to give a more accurate sense of perceived versus net pay.

The calculator has three functions which can help users find out:

  • What is the total CPF contribution by both employees and employers
  • What is the total income tax
  • What is the actual value of one’s pay increment (net income)

Users are required to key in current and new or desired salary amount, their date of birth and the industry they are working in to generate the real net income value. This will enable job seekers and the working population to calculate their monthly contributions from both employee and employer based on their current pay and new/desired pay.  The tool takes into account corresponding income taxes that the employee is subjected to, so the resultant figure reflects the net rather than perceived pay increment.

A case in point on how the Pay Rise Calculator works at deriving at the actual value of pay increment:  an increase in salary from $8,000 to $10,000 does not equate to a $2,000 pay rise. After taking into consideration income tax and CPF contribution, one is in fact receiving an increment of approximately just $1,700.

STJobs did a trial run on the tool and found that there is low awareness on the actual value of pay increment.

Mr Ravin Singh, 38, a user of STJobs who tried out the tool in its trial phase said: “The pay rise calculator is really smart. I can find out what I’m truly getting at the end of the month after factoring in my CPF contribution and income tax. This gives me a real perspective of our gains versus the cost of living.”

Mr Alan Ng, 30, another user, said: “I was initially excited about my recent promotion and pay package but when I did a quick calculation using the tool, it wasn’t as great as I had thought it to be. But it’s still slightly better than nothing at all or what I’ve expected. ”

As CPF contribution works both ways, the additional ‘income’ contributed by employers in CPF will also give an accurate account of the overall ‘earnings’ or increment one gets.

Ms Ang Yinghui, Senior Product Manager of STJobs said: “The purpose of the pay rise calculator is to allow jobs seekers to find out their gross salary increment. Many times, we conveniently take the amount as it is without considering employers’ CPF contribution and the impact of income tax. We hope that with this calculator, job seekers will have a better idea of the gross increment they are getting or look out for in their next career switch.”

In addition, the tool will recommend relevant jobs from industries that suit the user’s desired pay as well as vocations in other industries with matching salaries. Job seekers and working adults will be able to consider and apply for these jobs through the portal.

“This extended offering is a further step to add value to those using the feature. The related suggestions may inspire users to explore other opportunities available.” added Ms Ang.

The calculator is available online at