In addition to reaching out to young users via portal initiatives, SPH Online Classifieds made the move to bring the two 'mountains' to Mohammed - in the form of brand exposure on 800,000 plastic cups on local campuses from January 2014.

The company made a six-figure investment via its sister entity, SPH MBO (Media Box Office), to brand both products in a bid to get youths acquainted with top-of-mind recall of STJobs (to search for jobs when they graduate) and STClassifieds (to buy or sell new and secondhand stuff) respectively,

Estimated to run for six months, this marketing effort aims to promote site usage via sustained exposure and subliminal priming. The disposable cups are distributed in various canteens throughout NTU, NUS, SMU, Nanyang Poly, Temasek Poly. Republic Poly, Singapore Poly and Ngee Ann Poly.

In a quick poll done at some campuses where 80% of  respondents claimed to have already heard of the two brands before and half of them using the sites on an average monthly basis, some had some positive things to say about the marketing outreach campaign.

“The STJobs cup attracted my attention more as the logo is very clear and the design stands out; it's very helpful for people looking for jobs.”, said Cui Can, an NIE student.

According to Jonathan Chew, a Singapore Polytechnic student who visits STJobs at least once a day because the website has a wide variety of jobs to offer, he thought that "it’s great that they’re distributing the cups to remind students of where they can go to find jobs” too.

Putri Nadia, a Nanyang Polytechnic student added, “I’ve heard of STJobs and STClassifieds before I saw these cups; I recognised the logos. I like that STClassifieds does not only sell pre-loved items, but it also has a wide variety of brand new items for sale.”

Representing 20% of those who have not been exposed to the two brands before, Jiang Shang, an NTU student said, “I have not heard of STJobs or STClassifieds before, but the design of these cups grabbed my attention. I would definitely visit STJobs for its useful news articles related to jobs and to help me in my job search.”

"With just a month into distribution, we are already seeing an increase in traffic to STJobs and STClassifieds. While we are still carrying out our usual marketing executions via traditional and digital advertising channels to connect with the general public, this move has allowed us to touch base with our target market quicker and more effectively," said Mr Steven Wong, Head of Marketing, Digital Division, SPH.