SINGAPORE - When she was just 13 years old, she was tricked into learning how to make prata.

Miss Nur Hidayu Sakuwan, who is now 20, said: “My dad would ask if I wanted to play with the dough, and without me realising it, he taught me how to make and flip the prata.”

At first, Miss Hidayu enjoyed the process of making the flour-based local favourite.

But after seven years of flipping dough, she has come to realise how tough the job can be.

Her family runs a chain of stalls under the name Nur Indah’s Kitchen, and her parents and four older siblings can all make prata.

They own three stalls, which are all located around Bedok, and employ six workers to help run the stalls.

Family members are stationed at the different stalls, and she and an older sister help to run the one at Bedok North Street 1 Market and Food Centre.

She said: “I started learning to make prata much later than my siblings because I was the youngest and the so-called ‘pampered’ one in the family.”

Miss Hidayu, who has been working full-time for the family business since 2011, was recently seen in a video on YouTube titled Singapore Prata Girl. The video, which was taken by one of the stall’s workers, has received over 20,000 views to date and has been shared multiple times on various websites.

Many expressed surprise at seeing a “prata woman” instead of a “prata man”.

“I think fewer women want to make prata because the stall is hot and oily, and the place is usually a mess. I’m used to it since I grew up in this environment,” said Miss Hidayu.

“Some people are amazed by a woman making prata, and they often say it’s good that a woman knows this skill.”

Miss Hidayu is glad she learnt her trade and hopes to be able to take over the family business one day.

Her 15 minutes of fame has also helped to generate publicity for the stall, with more customers heading for her shop recently.

She said some of them travel from as far as Choa Chu Kang and Woodlands just to eat her prata.

“It is flattering to know that some people will come so far just to visit our stall,” she said. “But I’m not used to the comments and attention.”

Some netizens have made cheeky comments like: “She’s tasty, just like the prata.”

While Miss Hidayu is aware of such comments, she is not bothered by them.

But interested suitors of the “Singapore Prata Girl” might be disappointed to know that Miss Hidayu is attached.