THE average size of bonuses here for finance professionals fell slightly this year, although about four in 10 took home bigger bonuses, a new survey has found.

Finance career site eFinancialCareers said its global bonus survey, released yesterday, showed that the average bonus size slipped 4 per cent in Singapore, compared with last year.

However, bonuses for 42 per cent of finance professionals increased, while 28 per cent said it stayed the same and 18 per cent received smaller bonuses.

eFinancialCareers polled 600 financial services professionals in Singapore, out of more than 2,650 financial professionals from Britain, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

The company's sales and marketing director, Mr George McFerran, said: "It's been widely reported that the overall bonus pool was slightly down last year, but eFinancialCareers data shows that four out of 10 received a bigger bonus.

"This indicates that companies are dividing the bonus pool more ruthlessly than in previous years, with a priority being placed on rewarding top performers."

The top reasons behind a bigger bonus this year were personal performance for 46 per cent of respondents, while 19 per cent of respondents cited the company's performance.

Employees who received smaller bonuses blamed the company's performance, with 51 per cent saying so.

eFinancialCareers also noted that the highest average bonus was in London, followed by Wall Street, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

It said that "Singapore's lower bonuses are partly a result of market structure, with Singapore being a traditional hot spot for operational functions".