In its heyday, Nasi Padang River Valley would sell more than 500 plates a day. But now, 300 plates a day is considered decent business.

The business, which has been operating since 1957, will close its doors on March 28 after being at 55, Zion Road for more than 10 years, owing to rising operational costs and lack of manpower.

Mr Zulfa Hamid and Mr Hariz Pua, co-owners of the business, decided to end the lease.

“We decided in January that it was time for us to take a break,” said Mr Zulfa.

Although the Zion Road era will end, Mr Zulfa, 49, said he still plans to continue his business’ legacy by opening a smaller stall, if the opportunity arises. But Mr Pua, 57, is looking forward to an “overdue break” for now.

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