I read with dismay the impending closure of the famous Nasi Padang River Valley in Zion Road ("Famous nasi padang stall winding up"; Wednesday).

Among reasons cited by the owner were rising rental costs and manpower woes, reasons often cited by small business owners who lack the resources of large corporations to meet rising costs. The increasing number of closures of small enterprises may dent our efforts to promote and protect our heritage.

Perhaps the Government can regulate rental costs for such businesses that fulfil the everyday needs of people.

Owners of cost-sensitive small businesses may be forced to lower salaries or hire fewer workers, putting a strain on existing employees. This may put others off from taking up jobs in small local enterprises.

Such a situation is not good for Singapore. While the drive to encourage entrepreneurship is good, I hope the support is not only for enterprises with potential to make huge profits but also for businesses that remain small but keep customers happy with what they offer.