The survey findings were revealed in a press statement released today:

Singapore employees among the least satisfied in APAC: Randstad Workmonitor Survey

SINGAPORE - Almost half (46 per cent) of employees in Singapore do not think they have the perfect job, with three-quarters (75 per cent) viewing their job only as a way to make a living and nothing more. This is according to results from the Q2 Randstad Workmonitor survey released today.

Singapore ranks second in Asia Pacific, behind Japan (56 per cent), with the number of employees loving their jobs the least. The global quarterly survey of 33 countries also revealed that employees in India are the happiest in their current roles, with eight in ten (80 per cent) claiming that they have the perfect job.

Country Director of Randstad Singapore, Mr Michael Smith, said that with today's rising cost of living, it is not surprising that many of Singapore's workforce view their jobs solely as a means to put food on the table.

"However, it is important that they look beyond remuneration and also consider job satisfaction, career progression opportunities, and a pleasant working atmosphere when making decisions about their future employment.

"Job satisfaction plays a vital role in determining an employee's efficiency and productivity. Those who are content with their jobs are generally more motivated, and demonstrate higher engagement and better performance," Mr Smith said.

The survey of 5670 employees in Singapore also found that the majority of respondents would not hesitate to change jobs if they could make more money (80 per cent), improve career opportunities (78 per cent) or find a job that was a better match with their educational backgrounds (71 per cent).

Mr Smith added that the results highlight the different career motivations amongst employees in Singapore, and organisations which recognise these motivations will have a competitive edge in today's tight labour marketplace.

"Understanding what motivates employees in their job search and decision to remain in a role will not only allow employers to better engage with their staff, but also increase their employees' job satisfaction and as a result, the productivity of their workforce.

"There are many ways employers can engage their staff and keep them motivated. For example, giving employees the opportunity to have more control over their career will allow them to set their own goals and feel a sense of achievement when these goals are met. Creating an atmosphere of growth by providing training and development opportunities can also help contribute to staff engagement and increase satisfaction at the workplace," he said.

Other findings in the survey include: 

- The majority (60 per cent) of employees in Singapore believe that one can always switch careers at any moment in time;

- Employees are open-minded to temporary work, with three quarters (74 per cent) acknowledging that it provides a stepping stone to a permanent job;

- If unemployed, three quarters of employees (75 per cent) will use a staffing agency to find their next job.