BESIDES the flexi-work arrangements mentioned by Ms Yeo Miu Ean ("Don't miss out on benefits of flexi-work"; Forum Online, last Thursday), organisations should consider other such options.

One such arrangement is job sharing, where one full-time position is shared by two staff members, who are typically paid pro-rated wages.

An employee with a sick mother, who needs to attend physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions on regular days of the week, can take those days off. A job-sharing partner can cover for the employee on those days.

Another type of flexi-work arrangement is the compressed work week, where the number of hours in a work week are compressed into a shorter number of days.

Working parents may use the compressed work week to have one weekday off to spend time with their children, or catch up on household chores.

An employee who enjoys the benefits of flexi-work is less likely to take frequent sick leave, and is more likely to remain with the same company over the long term.