Higher toll charges on the Malaysian side of the Causeway kicked in at midnight as scheduled despite the Johor authorities promising a review to commuters upset over the increases.

When The Straits Times visited the Johor Baru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex at 12.35am on Friday morning, it cost RM9.70 (S$3.80) to get into Johor with a private car, up from the previous RM2.90.

There was also an extra RM6.80 charge when leaving Johor. Previously it was free.

The toll at the Singapore side of the Causeway remained unchanged at $1.20 for cars entering Johor.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) had said earlier this week that it will match any new toll charges due to Singapore's practice of pegging the rates at the Causeway, and that at the Second Link at Tuas, to those set by Malaysia.

Earlier last month, Malaysian media reported that Malaysia's Works Ministry was set to raise toll charges for all vehicles, except motorcycles, entering and leaving Johor through the CIQ.

In the wake of the reports, the Singapore Government said it had not received "any communication" from the Malaysian authorities on the toll changes.

The plan to increase toll charges at Johor's main border checkpoint sparked an outcry among some Malaysians, who felt that the cost was too high for those who work in Singapore and have to cross the Causeway daily.

According to media reports, the Malaysian government said that it would review the move.

Separately, Malaysia also announced last month that foreign-

registered vehicles entering Johor will have to pay a proposed entry fee of RM50 by the end of the year.

This came after Singapore's decision to raise the vehicle entry permit fee on foreign-registered vehicles, except for motorcycles.

Starting on Aug 1, drivers of foreign-registered cars have to pay $35 for a daily permit, up from $20. Drivers of goods vehicles will have to pay $40 for a monthly permit, four times the current amount.