SINGAPORE - Commuters at Clementi MRT station can look forward to less congested entrances when upgrading works are completed by the middle of next year.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Thursday that basic structural works for two new entrances at the station have been completed, while similar upgrading at Commonwealth and Queenstown stations is on track to be ready by the middle of next year as well.

The LTA started works to upgrade these three stations in 2012, to enhance connectivity, serve new developments and ease congestion at the entrances.

At Clementi station, two new pedestrian sheltered link bridges with escalators and lifts will connect both sides of the road to the extended station concourse, which will be directly linked to the train platforms.

The LTA said upgrading works are slated for several other stations, including the installation of a lift at Tanah Merah station and that of a drop-off bay with a high covered roof at Pasir Ris and Bishan stations.

Three new trains have been added to the North-South and East-West lines. Three more trains are undergoing testing and commissioning and will be added to the system by September this year.