UP TILL two years ago, Tee Mun Khui was your typical harried CBD worker, living on a diet of antibiotics and processed foods. But when she found herself popping antihistamines all throughout her honeymoon in the Maldives to ward off various ailments, she knew that a lifestyle change was in order.

So the 29-year-old, who has a full-time job in the executive search industry, signed up for an online course in nutrition and started making her own "nut milks" for friends and family. Now a certified health coach by the New York-based Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she will debut her products at The Local People x Singapore Art Museum night market on Aug 30.

Made by putting pre-soaked nuts in a high-speed blender and then straining out the liquid, the almond nut milk comes in three flavours for now: the original, which is made from raw almonds and flavoured with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt; the raw cacao, which blends in raw cacao powder and organic coconut blossom sugar; and a cocoa flavour, which works in cocoa powder made from roasted cacao beans.

The original flavour is pure white and a just-as-creamy substitute for those who can't drink dairy milk. The light brown raw cacao version is more nutritious but less rich-tasting than the cocoa flavour which has a mouth-coating chocolatey finish.

Unlike most store-bought almond milks, which are typically diluted to contain between 3 and 10 per cent of milk per litre, The Mlk Co's 200ml bottles have a 25 per cent nut content and are unpasteurised and preservative-free, so they're best consumed within three days. The milks are made to order for maximum freshness.

Ms Tee is currently tinkering with new flavours such as matcha and earl grey tea, along with milks from other nuts such as cashew and hazelnut, while younger sisters May and Calista chip in with branding and marketing efforts. A third sister, Tina, runs offshoot business The Cacaosians, which specialises in handcrafted cocoa products. To be launched at the same time as The Mlk Co, The Cacaosian's first product is a drinking cocoa powder that is a 75 per cent blend of raw cacao together with cocoa powder, organic coconut blossom sugar and cocoa liquor, a non-alcoholic pure form of chocolate. Future products will include 60 to 50 per cent drinking cocoa blends for sweet-tooths, and chocolate bars and truffles. The sisters ultimately hope to open a chocolate specialty cafe by year-end.