BEING encouraged to relax during the work day, in offices rented by your boss, seems unheard of.

But employees of local analytics firm Lee Wenyong & Co do exactly that.

They work and relax in rented business lounges and workspaces in office buildings and public libraries all over Singapore.

Their boss Max Lee pays workplace solutions firm Regus, which manages these workspaces, to give his staff access to the facilities. That sets him back $58 every month for each worker and about $1,280 per month for all of his 22 employees.

His firm specialises in analysing business and human resource data from small and medium-sized enterprises, and rolling out plans to boost their profits.

Mr Lee said he encourages staff to use the facilities to relax so they feel rested.

"I don't want my workers to burn out and leave my company. So I am absolutely supportive if they want to relax or pursue their personal interests using facilities I pay for," he said.

Many of his employees have taken up his offer.

Manager Lee Tai Yun, 26, regularly uses the business lounge in shopping mall Wisma Atria's office tower to compose lyrics for hip hop songs.

Another manager, Mr Glen Chan, 26, who performs as a magician at corporate events during his free time, uses workspaces in office complex Tampines Junction to practise magic tricks.

Employees also get to use the free Wi-Fi and help themselves to refreshments available at the business lounges.

Said Mr Lee Tai Yun: "Music is very important to me. So I am thankful that my boss gives me the time to pursue my interests."

Employees say they feel motivated to meet their work goals because of Mr Lee's trust in them.

Their targets are based on projects and they are responsible for meeting deadlines.

"I think few firms have so much trust in their employees," said Mr Chan.

"This is one of the reasons why I will stay on with the company."