Second Helpings

EZRA Nicholas so loved his peanut butter, the sports science graduate would have it any time he could. His wife Tannie Tang, however, always found quality peanut butter scarce and even when she did find them, they'd be too dry and flavourless for her liking.

So the Singaporean couple came to a compromise two years ago: they decided to make their own preservative-free peanut butter. A few sell-out stints at pop-up markets later, they rented a weekend-only retail stall at Pasarbella in February to "overwhelming response" and haven't looked back since, says Ms Tang, 28, who left her job as a civil servant in December to grow the business full-time. Mr Nicholas, 29, has a day job running the operations of a cosmetic retail business.

Their "beenut" butters - named for their use of honey as a substitute for sugar - come in three variants: original, cocoa, and coconut and vanilla. The couple also produce a range of scented sugars in three flavours that have fresh vanilla beans, and lavender and rose petals mixed in respectively.

The peanut butters are made with all-natural ingredients, consisting of peanuts, olive oil, sea salt and honey. They don't contain any sugar, stabilisers and hydrogenated oils as most commercial labels do, and the lack of thickening agents makes them more runny than usual.

Besides working on launching more limited edition flavours by year end, the couple have just secured a permanent kitchen and takeaway space in River Valley, where customers can personally pick-up their freshly churned orders in the coming months.

The couple also hope to start a full-fledged eatery one day, where they can provide work and training opportunities to those who would normally find it harder to be gainfully employed.