IT'S EVERY peanut butter lover's worst nightmare: discovering an intolerance to peanuts.

Janine Campbell always blamed her discomfort on the bread on her daily peanut butter sandwich, until she decided to drink her protein shake without the peanut butter one day - and felt just fine. "Finding out that peanuts were the common denominator and the root cause of my discomfort made me really sad," the 34 year old recalls.

But Ms Campbell wasn't prepared to ditch her long-held peanut butter-eating habit at once, so the Eurasian hobbyist cook set about making her own nut butter, working in almonds as a substitute. Samples of her almond butters became a fast favourite among friends and family, which inspired the full-time TV producer to start cooking them up for retail a month ago.

The almonds used in her butters are slow-roasted for an hour and blended in a food processor until they release their natural oils and a glorious toasty aroma.

Sold through direct e-mail orders only for now, her brand of Nutteree butters come in two variations: one a melange of olive oil, seasalt and ground almonds, and another a sweetened version with a dab of honey stirred in.

Both have a nut-flecked Dijon mustard-like appearance and a more viscous texture compared to commercially produced peanut butter. The butters are made to order and keep for about a month, says Ms Campbell, who is working on launching a dark chocolate hazelnut spread soon.