YOU'VE just finished a heart-pumping hot yoga class and you want to refuel with some coconut water. But it's 9pm and there isn't a fruit stand open nearby, and it's too much work to pry open one - husks and all - anyway. What do you do?

Well now, thankfully, there's Cocoloco. The svelte bottles of locally bottled fresh Thai coconut juice are the brainchild of young local couple Kelvin Ngian and Jun Hew, who want to make the trendy health drink more conveniently available to the masses.

Their coconut water tastes exactly like what you'd get from a fresh coconut, and is slightly sweeter than most other bottled labels of coconut water. That's because the water is tipped out of coconuts directly imported from Thailand and only filtered but not pasteurised before being bottled, says Mr Ngian. No sugar or artificial sweeteners are added. "Some of the other coconut waters on the market have shelf lives of up to a year, which makes you wonder how much it's been treated," says the 30-year-old, who left his banking job to join his family's coconut import and wholesale business, Siam Coconuts, last year.

Noting the recent increased interest in coconut water - the low-calorie, potassium-rich liquid is said to have anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic properties - the idea to branch into coconut water was birthed shortly after, and bottle retail kicked off last month, says Mr Ngian. Ms Hew, 29, is a luxury jewellery marketeer by day and helps out with marketing efforts in her free time.

Cocoloco is bottled in Siam Coconut's processing plant in Aljunied on-demand, and are delivered on the same day. The bottles have been lab-tested and stay good for up to a week, though Mr Ngian recommends consuming them within three days.