THERE are some employers here who offer to rehire employees who reach the age of 62 on a year-to-year contract.

Such a contract employee is no longer eligible to participate in any company-wide profit-sharing or gainsharing plans.

He may also have his monthly salary reduced even though he continues to do the same work he has always done.

This does not make sense.

A bonus system is one where bonuses are paid based on how the business performs.

Contract employees still contribute to the performance of the business, so why discriminate against them?

That said, there are employers who rehire employees once they turn 62 on a year-to-year contract but do not reduce their compensation or, if they do, will reduce their workload to match.

I applaud these employers as models.

Unfortunately, not every employer can or will do this.

I urge the Ministry of Manpower to conduct a survey to find out what employers are doing and set guidelines so there is consistency.

It will also be interesting to know what the civil service does when it rehires employees.