WE THANK Mr George Goh Chong Teck for his feedback ("Get lawyers to go into family, criminal law"; last Friday).

As he has correctly observed, the spike in the number of overseas-trained law graduates is due to the willingness and ability of Singaporeans to pursue law degrees overseas. It is for this reason that available statistics have been made public, to ensure that those who are considering the pursuit of law degrees are able to make informed choices.

The third law school is intended to meet the need for lawyers in the areas of family and criminal law, by focusing on mature students with experience in fields such as social work and law enforcement, and who display a keen interest in these areas of law.

In addition, the third law school can address some of the demand, albeit in a modest way, as its proposed intake will be only about 50 to 70 students per year, from Singaporeans wanting to study law and who would otherwise pursue this option overseas.

Aside from the third law school, the Ministry of Law and key stakeholders in the profession will also continue to encourage law students from the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and overseas to consider careers in family and criminal law. For example, we work closely with the universities to arrange for students to undertake pro bono work as part of their training. These are not mutually exclusive initiatives to the third law school.

Praveen Randhawa (Ms)

Press Secretary to Minister, Ministry of Law