ANOTHER survey has found that Singaporeans are worried about not having sufficient financial resources for their retirement ("CPF 'not enough' for retirement"; Aug 14).

Retirement planning is more than just looking at financial numbers. It encompasses three areas - Ensure, Enable and Enjoy.

First, we must ensure that we are protected from any major crisis that could occur during our retirement, such as health problems resulting in large medical bills, and that we have sufficient financial resources to meet all outstanding obligations, such as our children's education needs.

Second, we must have both passive and active income to enable us to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle that allows us to satisfy our wants.

Third, we should be able to enjoy what we want to do during our retirement without having to worry about our finances.

Many people are unsure about what they want to do during their retirement. Much has been said about the first two areas, but the last aspect has been neglected.

A retirement plan should be dynamic, being constantly adjusted as one's financial situation or health status changes over the years.

I hope future surveys will focus on what retirees want to embark on during their retirement, and highlight the courses and networks they can join, so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour.