AFTER its incorporation in 2005, the Timbre Group's staff strength grew to over 200 employees.

Its businesses included restaurants, bars, international festivals, an artist management agency and music academies.

Service levels, however, started to slide and human resource management in areas such as staff retention and recruitment became a challenge. The group's internal processes were dependent on manual procedures and paperwork.

The company decided to embark on a human resource capability project to improve staff development and personnel management, and streamline its HR functions. Spring Singapore helped with the cost and development of a new human resource system.

The project, which started last year, involved standardising procedures at all six of its food and beverage outlets, as well as developing a training road map for management and staff.

As a result of the project, staff now understand the enhanced career pathway of service and kitchen roles and look forward to having career progression, enhanced pay packages and benefits, says human resource manager Lilian Ng, 34 (photo). The system also gives staff access to a one-stop human resource solution, with key features such as payroll, and time and attendance management, via their smartphones.

A performance management system was also put in place to ensure that each staff member is rewarded appropriately, and work effort is recognised fairly.

Now, more staff members have started volunteering their services for Timbre events, in addition to their day-to-day operational responsibilities.

This has had the added benefit of exposing them to different work and training experiences, says Ms Ng. "We have experienced greater staff retention and have been more successful at attracting new talent."