MR RAYMOND Anthony Fernando ("Reward 'role model' maids and their employers"; Forum Online, Sept 18) and Mr Seah Seng Choon ("Recognition of outstanding maids, employers"; Forum Online, Sept 20) wrote about initiatives to recognise exemplary foreign domestic workers and employers.

We should also not overlook the good practices of employers in the construction sector.

One often hears of construction companies cutting costs and speeding up projects, resulting in unsafe practices that endanger workers.

Responsible bosses and model workers should be singled out for their efforts to maintain safe and accident-free worksites. Employers who pay their foreign workers on time and provide decent accommodation for them should also be commended.

The relevant authorities could set up public awards for this purpose. This would spur others in the industry to emulate the "model" employers.

Enough has been said about errant employers. We should now acknowledge good bosses in the sector.