MS MARIA Loh Mun Foong called for the accumulated maid levy to be "returned" to foreign domestic workers at the end of their contracts ("Give levy sum to maids at end of contract"; Monday).

The monthly levy is paid solely by the employer, and is not deducted from the maid's monthly salary.

Pay is not the only reason for maids not completing their two-year contracts. Other factors include their relationship with their employers, their workloads and their employers' expectations of their performance.

Anecdotal evidence points to more maids regretting leaving home soon after they arrive here. When a maid is homesick, she is unlikely to complete her contract no matter what an employer does to keep her motivated.

There are employers who reward their maids with yearly Christmas bonuses and Chinese New Year hongbao. Employers can negotiate a salary increment for their maids if both are in favour of renewing the contract.