FIVE years ago, Mr Ankur Samtaney, 30, sent an online message to the founder and chairman of Behringer, a German pro-audio equipment manufacturing company.

That message, which was sent using professional networking website LinkedIn, fortuitously led him to his dream job as an analyst with the MUSIC group, Behringer’s parent company.

Mr Samtaney, who moved to Singapore from India in 2007, was then working as a senior hedge fund analyst.

To de-stress, the former professional disc jockey (DJ) would play the guitar and spin records at private parties. It was also at that time that he wanted to record his own works and started reading up about the different types and brands of music gear available.

He bought a microphone from Behringer, a brand he was already familiar with since his days on the music circuit. Needing some sales support, he chanced upon and approached the local office of Behringer, a pro-audio equipment manufacturing company with 3,000 employees globally.

He says: “I pondered over how I would be able to contribute to the company given my knowledge of its products and interest in the industry.

“I got in touch with the founder and chairman of the company on LinkedIn in an attempt to offer some ideas out of sheer interest.”

In his message to the founder, Mr Samtaney said he admired the company and loved its business and that he believed it was not exploiting its full potential. He also offered to bring “a fair bit of business acumen and analytical skills to the table”.

A few days later, Mr Samtaney received a call from the human resources department of the company, and the rest is history.

He says: “I did not ever think that I would work for a company that made this sort of equipment, so when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands.”

Mr Samtaney, who has a commerce degree, resigned from his senior hedge fund analyst role and joined the company as an analyst one month later in 2009 despite the regression in job title.


Fun at work

His passion for the company’s business spurred him to assimilate almost all of their nearly 500 products in just a few weeks.

He recalls: “The learning could not have been more fun — checking out products on the website, reading product reviews, answering product-related questions and trying out equipment, and getting paid to do all of that.”

 He is now a senior analyst in the business intelligence unit at the MUSIC Group, responsible for its pricing management, forecasting and financial analysis.

The MUSIC Group owns several professional audio and music products brands, including Behringer, whose speakers have been used at big concerts like those of English rock bands Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and Simply Red.

When asked if this is his dream job, Mr Samtaney, who has helped to demonstrate the equipment at tradeshows and roadshows, says: “Currently, I do not see myself happier in any other role in any other place.

“Being analytically wired, I love working around numbers and working with numbers about products such as speakers, mixers, amplifiers and microphones, is a big added plus.”


Music in his blood

Music, he says, remains very much in his blood. As a DJ, he spun tracks throughout his college years in Mumbai, India, and won several inter-collegiate deejay competitions, making enough pocket money to finance most of his tertiary education.

He performed at clubs, parties and other functions graced by Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan.

He says: “I am still very passionate about DJ-ing but I chose not to make a living out of it after a decade of working on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. I now like to enjoy those special days with family and friends.”

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