AT THE age of 60, many people would be winding down after decades of working. Not so for public relations veteran Rose Tan, who is embarking on her third career - teaching.

After a local polytechnic rejected her offer to teach because she does not have a first degree, Ms Tan decided to open her own school, Learning Never Stops.

It will offer "practical PR" classes - which cost $280 for eight hours of lessons - to anyone from young executives to mid-career professionals wanting to make a career switch.

"It's time that I give back," said Ms Tan, who got a Masters in Communications Management with the University of South Australia at the age of 50. "There aren't many mentoring programmes in Singapore because people are too busy working or afraid others will become their competitor."

Ms Tan took a less-travelled path to success, starting off in sales and account servicing at an advertising firm before becoming a public relations assistant in her mid-20s.

She eventually started her own agency, which she later sold in a seven-figure deal.

But her new academy is "not another business venture", said Ms Tan.

"This is a dream that I've always had and, as long as I can carry on, I will do this."