Q'S ADVERTISING, known for its 10-storey-high Christmas trees and decorative structures at shopping malls, says the benefits of a recent re-branding exercise were more than it had anticipated.

"We never expected the outcome to be so good," says director Valerie Chan, a second-generation owner of the firm.

"It was more than just changing the company logo and its colour; it helped unveil our strengths and weaknesses and it served as a platform to mobilise our team towards a common goal," she says.

A management discussion in 2012 about whether Q's Advertising should update its marketing collaterals as it approached its 40th anniversary this year led the company to approach Spring Singapore for help with brand management.

An audit - supported with some funding from Spring - was carried out to gather insights among its 150 staff about perceptions of the company's brand.

It found that employees held very varied views about the company's business.

The consultants then helped to create a brand identity guide, encompassing brand concept, designs and taglines to articulate the positioning of Q's Advertising.

Corporate collaterals were developed and the company's website updated to showcase its strength. Five brand training sessions were also organised, which took close to six months.

Ms Chan says the rebranding exercise contributed a lot to the company's team-building effort. This is particularly important as its projects get bigger and more complex, she adds.

The process was particularly beneficial to the older craftsmen. Ms Chan explains that these workers, who have been with the company for at least 20 years, were initially concerned about its move towards automation.

"It was essential to communicate to them that we were trying to do things quicker and better. Now, they appreciate the fact that we are getting machines to help them out."

Another positive development: Staff members are now clearer about the company's branding and can articulate it to clients.

"Now, when the marketing department wins a big-scale pitch, the victory resonates with the rest of the team," she says, adding that the rebranding was a "self-realisation" process.

"It highlighted areas where we were lacking and we emerged as a more confident and committed team."