I AGREE with Mr Perinpanayagam James ("Raising rehiring age: It's about time"; last Tuesday) that it is time for government-linked companies to raise the rehiring age to 67.

The civil service has done a great job in recognising its older workers, with the Public Service Division to eventually raise the re-employment age to 67 next year ("Public service takes lead in raising rehiring age to 67"; Oct 3).

It seems, however, that government-linked companies have yet to even raise the rehiring age to 65.

I do not understand why the Singapore National Employers Federation says it needs more time for a smooth transition ("Raise rehiring age by Budget 2016: Halimah"; Nov 19).

The Government legislated raising the retirement age from 55 to 60, and then to 62, about 10 years ago.

Smaller companies have moved to rehire their workers when they reach 67, but large companies are slow to act, despite incentives from the Government.

I agree with the writer that a gentle approach and persuasion have not done any good.

The Government should adopt a more aggressive approach by way of legislation, and I hope it takes place early next year.

This will help many older Singaporeans, who find it difficult to cope with rising costs if they are unemployed.