DR ENG Kai Er's protest against her six-year scholarship bond, after being the beneficiary of a substantial amount of taxpayers' money spent on her doctoral studies, smacks of ungratefulness ("Drop ungrateful scholarship holders" by Ms Estella Young; last Friday).

Not only that, by accepting the scholarship, she denied another deserving applicant of the opportunity to pursue a career in science.

Judging from Dr Eng's previous action of strolling naked through Holland Village five years ago, and her current protest, it is obvious that she is an attention-seeker who is trying to portray herself as a rebel against the establishment.

Unfortunately, her immature actions reinforce the perception that Gen Y workers are a bunch of spoilt brats who expect interesting work and attractive perks, yet demand work-life balance.

Having said that, the majority of our young workforce possess values and work ethics that make them committed and responsible employees.

In view of Dr Eng's disdain for the scientific field, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) should terminate her bond without delay and demand liquidated damages.

No private-sector employer would retain staff who make public their contempt for their jobs and company. Why should A*Star put up with a disgruntled employee who has lost interest in her work? Anyone who bites the hand that feeds her must be shown the door.