UNDER the Fair Consideration Framework, employers are required to post job vacancies on the Jobs Bank for at least 14 days, and consider Singaporeans fairly, before they can apply for employment passes for foreign workers to fill the posts.

Recently, I highlighted two discriminatory postings on the Jobs Bank to the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

One required proficiency in a foreign language for no apparent reason, and the other was couched in such a way that only someone from the overseas parent company would be able to do the job.

The WDA has since removed these postings.

Singaporeans do not expect favouritism when they look for a job; they ask only to be treated fairly.

Unnecessarily stringent criteria to favour foreigners should not be allowed except in exceptional cases - for example, the worker has to deal with clients who speak only a particular foreign language.

Discriminatory hiring practices should be taken seriously.

There should be tighter monitoring of job advertisements, and tougher measures against errant advertisers.

Job-seekers should be judged only on their experience and ability.