No matter how cool your boss might seem, there are just some things you really shouldn't say to her … Here are seven of them.

1. That's not possible.

But mi amigo, it is possible. You're just out of the resources that are required to make it possible, such as time, manpower, motivation, etc. Instead of flat out refusing, highlight the reason why the task can't be completed, and find a way to compromise. A deadline extension, or simply dropping the project to work on something more important. Resources are finite after all.

2. I don't get paid enough for this.

No one gets paid enough for anything, unless you're Beyonce. Or Kanye West. If you really do believe you deserve a raise, don't hesitate to bring it up and give reasons why ‒ a passive aggressive statement won't do your credibility any favours.

3. We always do it this way.

Upp upp upp! Refusal to take a different approach shows inflexibility and an unwillingness to learn, two traits that could render you obsolete when the fresh faces turn up with fresher degrees and smaller egoes.

4. This always happens.

If this screw up always happens, how come you didn't foresee it, eh? Make sure you take necessary precautions next time, then gently bring it up with your colleague/boss.

5. It's her fault

Even when you're not the one at fault, there are better ways to point out someone else's oversight. Saying this in a setting with several co-workers present is an absolute no-no. In a private setting with your boss, say: "I would like to highlight that Janet [or whoever] has been underperforming in a certain way, and I would like for it to be addressed." This shows maturity and a willingness to improve the situation.

6. I agree with you.

Say what? Agreeing with your boss might in fact backfire on you instead. You may come off as someone who lacks their own opinion, or worse, a bootlicker. Take a moment to really think about what they just said, and if you really do agree, no one is stopping you from adding an enthusiastic YASSS GURL YASS to the end of their sentence. Just keep it on the down low.

7. I stole your cat.

I love my cat. If an employee stole my cat, I would eat her. The employee, not the cat.