Make the most of the coming year by staying positive and productive.

Here are 10 tips on how to make 2009 a fulfilling year.

1. Set realistic goals

Many people make new year resolutions but do not fulfil them. Make this year different. Write down your goals and be committed to achieving them. Ensure your goals are realistic. List your goals and stick it on your fridge where you can see them every day.

2. Focus on your health

This can be your greatest asset or your greatest liability. Make an appointment for a check-up with your doctor, implement an exercise programme if you don't have one, take vitamins if you need to and resolve to kick unhealthy habits like smoking.

3. Invest in your development

I recently read that people who spend a thousand dollars or more on their personal development will increase their business by 20 per cent. Read books, attend workshops, find a new network, listen to tapes or CDs in your car, take up online courses or enrol at a university or learning centre. Keep your brain active.

4. Know your priorities

After you have set your goals, you can begin to focus on what is important to you -- family, self development, profitability, building your profile, health, gaining new clients or more relaxation time.

Prioritising will help you focus on how you spend your time.

5. Eliminate time robbers

Make a list of the things that rob you of your time. For example, are you watching too much TV, running unproductive errands, checking your e-mail too often or having long phone calls? Can you use long waiting times more effectively?

Focus on controlling your time and get rid of the things in your life that are not a high priority.

6. Surround yourself with VIPs

Find very inspiring people (VIP) whom you can learn from, bounce ideas with and spend time with. Minimise your time with the very draining people (VDP) in your life. You will feel more positive when you are surrounded by VIPs.

7. Plan your next holiday

Allocate a specific time in your calendar for your next holiday so you have something to look forward to.

8. Make time for those you care for

Balancing work and home life is a challenge for most people. Be focused on those you love and do not forget to remind them how much they mean to you. Promise yourself you will not take anyone for granted this year. For instance, each day you can tell one person that he or she is special.

9. Create an "attitude" to-do list

Instead of making "to-do" lists for work, consider creating an "attitude" to-do list you can use every day.

My list includes the following:

* Send a thank-you note,

* Sit in the sun for 15 minutes,

* Find something funny,

* Get some exercise, and

* Choose to be positive.

So, what will your list say?

10. Choose to be amazing

Make a commitment to yourself each morning that you will have an amazing day. This might include trying some of these tips like reading your "attitude" to-do list, focusing on your health, eliminating time robbers or finding more VIPs in your life. Remember life is not a dress rehearsal -- you only get one performance, so give it your best.