“Location, location, location!” That used to be the battle cry of retailers and businesses all clamouring to get the best location that would ensure the most traffic to their business.

Today, the mantra is “content, content, content”. It is quality, informative content marketing that will drive prospects and customers to your bricks or clicks business.

Content marketing is all about creating informative, valuable and engaging content and then delivering them consistently to your ideal target market. Some examples of great content marketing ideas are infographics, static banners with business or motivational quotes or tips, podcasts and videos or a WebTV series.

Delivering content through videos tops my list and here’s the reason why. Videos can get you found online faster than your competition. As an SME, business start-up, MNC or entrepreneur, everyone wants to be listed on page one of search engines and preferably listed in the top three places in the organic listings on the page.

Check out these interesting facts:

•            Over four billion videos are watched on YouTube every day

•            700 videos are shared on Twitter every minute

•            By 2016, 1.2 million minutes of video will travel the internet

You may be asking, “What has this got to do with me and my business?” Quite simply this: Video is unquestionably one avenue that will give you a head start over your competitors in marketing and growing your business beyond what you have ever imagined possible.

With the right formatting of your video, your user-created video content on YouTube is 53 times more likely to show up on page one of Google’s listings than most other ‘regular’ online content like articles and websites. This is according to the research done by James McQuivey of Forrester Research, who has been watching and tracking the explosive growth of online video platforms for years.

“Why is that?” you ask. It is because Google is more likely to promote their brand (YouTube) first than other sites. The best part for all businesses is that YouTube is absolutely FREE for you to use! This is a huge opportunity to educate and visually entertain potential and existing customers using YouTube while at the same time creating page one ranking on Google.

Here are just a few things that video can help do for your business:

•            Clearly promote your brand

•            Make new customer connections quickly and effectively

•            Build increased loyalty and repeat business with existing relationships

With digital edutainment marketing, a video provides you the opportunity to expose your brand to users who may not otherwise be familiar with your product or services. Done correctly, it is a fabulous way to engage and educate prospects on subjects that answer their burning questions or addresses their big problems. Simultaneously, you begin building a relationship with them.

The good news is that you do not have to be a rock star to be in a video. Not all videos are recorded with a person facing a camera directly. There are other options such as screen capture videos or using stock footage to create the ideal clip for your business.

Video marketing is already popular but it will be more so once individuals, brands, and SMEs learn just how easy it is to execute this marketing technique on their own.

Article by Pamela Wigglesworth, an international trainer, speaker and Managing Director of Experiential Hands-on Learning. The author of ‘Small Business Acceleration’, Pamela is engaged by SMEs and MNCs to enhance their marketing message and create an online and offline presence.