Yes, we are all in the rat race. We run to make a living, we run for a promotion, we run to get an increment and make more money, we run to achieve KPIs, we run to fulfill aspirations and we run to live our dreams.

Some of us get there, some of us don’t. Along the way, some drop out, some give up, some choose another track, while others persist till they achieve. What kind of rat are you? What are the determining factors that will help you to complete the rat race well?

There are three types of R.A.T.

Risk Takers

Risk takers typically identify what they want, and advance towards their goals. They have a “go get it” attitude. They do not think much about risks involved, but instead focus on their desires.

As they charge ahead to obtain what they want, they will deal with the obstacles, problems, challenges, and setbacks along the way. Risk takers often have a belief of “there is no problem that cannot be solved”. 

Yes, they do run into a brick wall at times and injure themselves badly. But they are able to recuperate quickly, recover emotionally and rebound mentally. Being highly resilient, they will be up and running towards their next desire in no time.


Analysers are intellects who dig and debate at things. When they see what they want or are presented with an opportunity to get what they want, they take a long hard look at the risks involved.

They are thinkers, and they will analyse the pros and cons, advantages and drawbacks, as well as costs and benefits. The positive side about them is that they study risks and could make sound and well-informed decisions at work.

But the downside is that they might end up thinking too much. The more they think, the more terrified they become. In their minds, they could be imagining the worst scenario and that cripples them. So they end up making do with something less than ideal.


The last type only talks, whines, and complains. They look at what they want, and cry about the risks involved. They look at their current situation, and whine about how bad it is. They rarely take action, although they always “talk action”.

You probably see many of such people around you. They prefer to stay in a comfort zone, even though it is not really comfortable, because they have grown to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. In their case, there is rarely any growth or breakthrough.

As they remain entrenched mentally and physically in their uncomfortably comfort zones, the environment and economy continue to evolve. There will come a day in the near future where the discomfort becomes unbearable, and that’s when they change painfully, or drop out of the race.

So which type of RATs will complete the race well?

You could be the Risk Taker, Analyser, or even the Talker in the race. The risk taker obviously continues to run regardless of what happens; the analyser will probably stop to analyse before going ahead with each important step; while the talker remains where he is and engages fellow talkers in unconstructive conversations.

So which rat will finish the race? You are probably thinking the risk taker would, the analyser might, and the talker won’t. Whether each type completes his race well depends on individual’s takeaway from life.

  • Risk taker – Does he learn from his mistakes and experience along the way and improve to perform even better after every mistake and setback?
  • Analyser – Does he think too much? Or is he able to remain logical in his deductions while emotive in his actions to achieve his goals?
  • Talker – Will he be honest with himself about what he really desires and choose to give up his uncomfortable comfort by just taking the next step forward?

Find out who you are and how to adapt or harness your personality type for success.

Article contributed by Jensen Siaw, a Performance Breakthrough Coach and Communication Expert.