CUSTOMER satisfaction for the retail and infocommunications sectors in Singapore has inched up, according to a report released yesterday by the Institute of Service Excellence at the Singapore Management University (Ises).

For the retail sector, customer satisfaction rose by 0.4 point or 0.5 per cent year on year to 70 points (on a zero to 100 scale).

The infocomm sector's score was higher as well - it increased 0.6 point or 0.9 per cent year on year to 67.4 points.

The 2015 Q1 Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG) results for the two sectors were drawn from face-to-face interviews with 9,000 resident and tourist respondents between January and March.

Of the eight sub-sectors measured within the retail sector, two recorded significant improvements: The motor vehicles sub-sector increased by 2.2 points or 3.1 per cent to 72.8 points, while the petrol service stations sub-sector rose 1.4 points or 2.1 per cent to 70.7 points.

The other six retail sub-sectors - including fashion apparel, department stores and supermarkets - recorded changes that were not considered statistically significant.

"Notwithstanding the minor movements in the retail CSISG scores, analysis in this latest quarter revealed that the importance of customers' perceptions of value in driving satisfaction has been on the decline in the last two years," said the Ises report.

"While price promotions can help drive customers into stores, it has become increasingly insufficient in driving satisfaction," it added.

As for the infocomm sector, the mobile telecoms sub-sector saw its score increase by 1.1 points or 1.7 per cent to 68.4 points, while the broadband pay TV and Wireless@SG sub-sector scores inched lower.

Said the report: "A key observation in the infocomm sector was customers' perceptions of dispute resolution. Typically, a well-handled complaint results in satisfaction levels similar to customers who have no reason to complain."