We need to consider what we mean by a successful manager. I believe that there are two factors that identify a successful manager:

* A manager who gets the job done.

* A manager who does it in the easiest and least stressful way possible.

Let us be totally clear about the first point. As a manager, you have got to achieve your targets, your production figures or whatever it is that your organisation requires of you.

It is one thing to have a happy and motivated team but it is another thing if it is not doing the business. If that is the case, then you are not a successful manager.

You also want to be able to go home at night in the knowledge that you have done what was required of you.

That can be a great confidence booster and it also makes you feel good about yourself.

Don’t kill yourself

However, I am sure that in being a successful manager and achieving your business goals, you do not want to kill yourself in the process.

Too many managers are suffering from stress, losing sleep and damaging their family life. That is not what success is all about and I am sure it is not what you want.

Some managers seem to believe that stress and hassle is all part of the territory and that they should just accept it.

I have known managers who were successful in terms of achieving their business targets but who were not successful in their personal life.

How many marriages have suffered because one of the partners was spending too much time being successful in their job?

How often has the relationship with one’s children suffered because of a lack of quality time spent with them?

I have known managers who collapsed in the workplace due to stress. I am sure you have also heard of sports coaches who have suffered heart attacks while watching a game.

It has been said that success has to come at a price. However, that price should not be paid in terms of a troubled personal life.

We can pay the price of success by changing our viewpoint, increasing our knowledge of human nature and making changes to the way we lead our teams.

John Wooden, an ex-UCLA basketball coach was voted the best sports coach of all time in a recent poll.

“I had a successful basketball career,” he wrote in his 1997 book, Wooden. “But I believe I had an even more successful marriage.”

Successful managers get products out the door or hit their sales target. And if they are in sports, they win the championship.

However, they also do it at the lowest possible personal cost to themselves and their families.