Some people neglect to manage stress at work and tolerate the problems that cause them stress. They feel that stress at work is not a problem and is part of everyday life.

When you become aware of the problems that are causing you stress at work and start to overcome them, you will gain some fantastic benefits, which include:

Better health

This is by far the most important benefit of managing stress at work. If you do this, you are on your way to a lifestyle that will be free from major health problems, especially as you get older.

Your health is one of the most important assets and managing stress at work is an important investment you can make for a better quality life.

Effective solutions

The workplace can be unpredictable at times with delays, arguments with your boss and co-workers and annoyed customers. This list can go on and on. When you know what is causing you stress at work and are prepared for the unexpected, you will be more prepared to solve the problem.

Increased productivity

When you are prepared for the unexpected and know what the worst-case scenario is for most situations in your workplace, you will become more relaxed and happier. When you are happier at work, you will become a more productive worker and even more sociable with your co-workers. When you are happier at work, you will become more proactive in your daily activities.

With a happier work life, your personal life will also start to improve as well, because you will stop worrying about problems at the office.

One task at a time

In the workplace, we all seem to get swamped by several different tasks and requests all at the same time. The boss is asking for those reports to be submitted to him by mid-day, several clients want their jobs to be completed immediately and your co-workers are hounding you for project updates. Plus, you are catching up on your workload from the day before!

With so many things to focus on all at the same time, it is no wonder that we become so overwhelmed and experience constant stress at work.

A few years ago, I went to a workplace stress management seminar held by psychologist Dr Jason Han. At the time, workplace stress was definitely my worst enemy. I recall Dr Han giving me a piece of valuable advice. He told me the secret to coping with workplace stress is to concentrate on one thing at a time.

I put this advice into practice and noticed that I was getting a lot more done.

It is better to have one task fully completed than have several uncompleted tasks. When you focus on several things at the same time, you simply don’t get a lot achieved; what’s worse, you are increasing the margin for error.

The key to focusing on one task at a time is to complete the most important and dreaded task first. While focusing on a task, do not allow your mind to become preoccupied with other tasks.

For your main task, set a realistic time frame to complete it, factoring in the deadline for that task and putting aside enough time to complete your other tasks as well.

If your task is very time-consuming, break it up into smaller bite-sized chunks and finish one component at a time. You will feel more motivated as you complete each piece, and feel less stressed about the other tasks ahead.