Madam Yap Lee Wah, 37, sends her six-year-old son for weekly art classes hoping to hone his artistic talent, but he returns each time with much more than just art pieces.

Parents like her say such art enrichment classes not only allow their young ones to have fun and get in touch with their creative side, but also develop skills that would benefit them in primary school.

Madam Yap, who works as an administrator, believes these lessons have helped her son - who will start at Lianhua Primary School next month - to pay closer attention to details and think out of the box.

"He has always been interested in drawing, so I thought of giving him a chance to go for proper art lessons and learn from an artist," she said. "It would also help him acquire new skills in a less stressful setting."


Expressing oneself through art is relaxing  as the learners'  minds are brought  away from stressful  academic activities to focus on the task at hand.

MR CHEE CHIN YOUNG, principal of Fun Learners' School

The art enrichment classes that Madam Yap sends her son for are run by Fun Learners' School, and cater to children aged four to 12. Fees for the year-long programme range from $100 to $180 per month, depending on the child's age.

The tuition and enrichment centre has two branches in Bukit Gombak and Bukit Timah.

Its principal, Mr Chee Chin Young, 37, noted that the art classes, which last more than 11/2 hours per session, provides the children with an opportunity to unwind.

"Expressing oneself through art is relaxing as the learners' minds are brought away from stressful academic activities to focus on the task at hand," he said.

At these classes, children are taught pencil sketching and poster colouring techniques, among other skills. The lessons are conducted by artist Sean Lee, who has more than 15 years of experience in fine art and commercial art.

Mr Chee noted: "The kids look forward to the classes to freely express themselves. At the same time, there is also a sense of achievement when they come up with artwork that they can call their own."