While certain industries require you to dress up, a majority of companies have embraced the casual getup.

Dressing up for work will not only increase your productivity but also bolster your confidence. There are different attire for different occasions. That’s why dressing casually may cause you to feel less focused, putting you in a weekend mood. On the other hand, you will feel more professional and ready to get things done in work wear.

No matter the attire adopted in your workplace, these are some tips to get you out of a 9 to 5 style rut.


Business Formal

The more formal the dress code, the lesser options you have in determining your attire. For those holding a position in Management, Accounting/ Audit/ Taxation and Banking/ Finance/ Insurance, you will most likely be required to be in a business formal attire for work.


On Him: Off White Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt, Navy Ultra Light Weight Jacket, Navy Relaxed Smart Style Pants (Wool Like). All from UNIQLO.


It will help to stock your wardrobe with matching tailored suits. Choose from colours such as black, navy or any muted and neutral colours. Every man looks a tad more charismatic with a 2-button single-breasted suit jacket, a white button-up collared shirt, tie and matching trousers - these bring together a smart, clean cut look that compliments the male physique. The tie should be of a solid colour to contrast with the colours of the suit and shirt. Consider simple prints like stripes or plaids for your tie. You can choose to accessorise with cufflinks or pocket-squares. This outfit is most suitable for professional meetings and formal events.


On Her: White Rayon Long Sleeve Blouse, Dark Grey Soft Jersey Long Jacket, Grey Smart Ankle Length Pants. All from UNIQLO.


Unleash the confidence of a successful career woman by wearing a blazer jacket over your white button-up collared shirt. Complement with a pair of fitting long pants or calf-length skirts of coordinated colour. While the women's formal business attire is generally conservative, dark and restrained, you can feel good by wearing simple jewellery such as studded earrings or a dainty necklace. This formal dress code makes an ideal first impression and is best suited for formal meetings and presentations.


Business Casual

Business casual is a common dress code in most Singapore workplaces. On normal working days, add a tinge of your personality to your dressing without losing professionalism. The standard of business casual may differ across organisations. Check with your HR regarding the guidelines of your company’s dress code.

This dress code is usually applicable for those in Admin and Office Services, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations and Logistics/ Supply Chain Management.


On Him: Blue Easy Care Dobby Long Sleeve Shirt, Navy Ultra Light Weight Jacket, Beige Slim Fit Chino Flat Front Pants. All from UNIQLO.


Adopt a bright colour tone - preferably pastel colours and choose either plain or conservative patterns - such as checkered or stripes for your collared button-ups long sleeve shirts. Style a blazer with a pressed khaki pants to add structure to your entire outfit. If you are wearing a tie, forgo the blazer and vice versa. Go for loafers or sneakers instead of oxford shoes. Remember, the essence of this dress code is to wear something dressy but not over the top. This look is perfect for both work and party.


On Her (Left): Off White Satin Bow Tie Long Sleeve Blouse, Grey Smart Ankle Length Pants. All from UNIQLO.

On Her (Right): White Crepe Camisole, Blue UV Cut V Neck Cardigan, Black Milano Ribbed Cut Sewn Skirt. All from UNIQLO.


Look chic by ditching the dull monochrome attires. A simple getup to bring out the preppy and polished look will be a flowy, long sleeve shirt and slim-fit pants. Apparels made up of clean lines and nothing too flashy work great to exude a sense of sophistication. If you are into mixing and matching, pair your basic camisole with a brighter coloured cardigan and a midi or knee-length skirt. Such combination is appropriate for work, yet adds a touch of femininity to your entire outfit. This look flatters ladies with curvier figures by creating the illusion of a slimmer waist and narrower hips. When all else fails, throw on a dress as an easier styling option. Up the style factor with a statement necklace or earrings.


Smart Casual

If your office style calls for the basic casual wear - lucky you! Typically those who work behind the scenes in Arts/ Creative, Advertising/ Promotions/ Events and Merchandising/ Purchasing can don the smart casual look. General rule of thumb though - don’t turn up in the office with outlandish t-shirts, shorts and slippers. While you can be more comfortable with your outfits, don’t forget to look smart.


On Him (Left): Off White Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt, Beige Washed Boat Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Navy Relaxed Smart Style Pants (Wool Like). All from UNIQLO.

On Him(Right): KAWS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt, Beige Slim Fit Chino Flat Front Pants, Dark Grey Comfort Jacket. All from UNIQLO.


You can be dressed in pretty much anything - pullovers, sweaters, polo or crew neck T-shirts etc. Pair it with casual pants or slacks and check with your HR if jeans are allowed. Your denims shouldn’t be tattered though. A simple T-shirt with Chinos pants will get you to the office with a minimal and easy look. Have a casual blazer on hand if you are attending a meeting. Or throw a pullover over a white collared shirt for a back-to-school style.    


On Her: Navy Crew Neck Jumpsuit. All from UNIQLO.


Be comfortable with your wardrobe as long as they are not too revealing or low-cut. Jumpsuits are effortlessly chic yet suitable as office wear. Pairing off with pumps, this sleek look creates the illusion of an elongated body. Wear a belt of a bright, contrasting colour to further define your waistline. Look stylish and neatly put together with a smart ensemble and breeze through the day.


Note: All accessories worn – such as the tie, belt and heels, are NOT from UNIQLO and are for illustrative purposes only.