TWO industry-led initiatives supported by Spring Singapore to boost the container logistics industry were announced by Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry) S Iswaran on Tuesday.

Mr Iswaran's announcement was made at the third biennial Logistics and Transportation Conference, organised by the Container Depot Association (Singapore) (CDAS).

"It is crucial for us to deepen partnerships between government and the industry, and among industry players, to effectively implement these changes and achieve the transformation that we seek," he said.

The two initiatives are the Electronic Container Trucking System (eCTS) and the TR53:2016, which will help ensure smooth operations between container trucking operators and container depot operators.

eCTS will transform container logistics operations, improve container supply chain visibility and provide a common IT platform on which future technology applications can be built.

It will help reduce congestion at container depots and minimise work repetition as well as time wastage through the use of a common platform, thus enhancing productivity for container logistics players.

"In future, this platform could potentially host applications that fuel innovative business models like job-sharing, and be connected to other industry systems to form the basis of a national digital infrastructure," said CDAS president Sharafdeen A R.

TR53:2016 is a technical reference on container depot operations, which provides guidelines on the general layout, safety requirements and information exchange with back-end administration.

It standardises process flows and delivery information, and helps to increase efficiency in managing the return and collection of empty containers. This will translate to faster turnaround time and more trips for the container trucking operators.

eCTS will be rolled out by CDAS with the support of Spring Singapore and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) under the Lean Enterprise Development Scheme.

Spring Singapore will support companies in the adoption of eCTS through the Local Enterprise and Association Development programme, while WDA will provide funding support for eCTS training through the Industry Catalyst Programme.

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation-Standards Development Organisation (SMF-SDO) will be scheduling workshops to provide in-depth information to the industry to facilitate the implementation of TR53:2016.


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