THERE'S a lot of fire in the belly of Su Chung Jye, executive chairman and chief executive officer of Regal International Group Limited.

When asked for one piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs, he instantly replies: "Never give up."

This brave pragmatic stand has personified his character in the regional construction and property development business for more than two decades.

"As entrepreneurs, it is inevitable that you will journey through uncharted territory in the course of building your business," he says.

"Stay resilient, do your due diligence and do not be deterred by setbacks. While it is important to have bold visions for your business, it is more important to be able to stick by your visions and never give up."

"I have experienced a fair share of property market cycles. I believe the ability to anticipate, adapt and create values, combined with the acumen to invest in the right property projects at the right time are qualities that an entrepreneur should have to hold the business in good stead through the property cycles," adds Mr Su, who is involved in the key aspects of the group's operations, including setting corporate direction and strategic business developments.

One of his business highlights has been the transformation that has taken place at Regal International Group, since the listing of its property business through a reverse takeover in 2014.

Over a short span of two years, several strategic initiatives to manage growth and bolster business operations have been initiated to improve efficiency.

Main challenges

For Regal International Group, one of the main challenges lies in making the connection between Sarawak and Singapore.

Being the first and probably only East Malaysia property company to be listed on SGX, the group worked diligently on joining the dots between both places to position as the connector and gateway to the vast untapped business opportunities in Sarawak.

He admits: "In addition, we struggled over the past year in managing the old legacy business inherited from the reverse take-over exercise. It was challenging to try and overcome the consequences and impact of paper losses, as much as it was making the decision to dispose of the unpromising business in order to cut losses."

Beyond property development, he wants to leverage a robust track record and collective experience in real estate to capitalise on innovative new partnerships.

In recent months, the group signed memorandums of understanding with renowned international partners from China and Singapore to explore eco-tourism, hospitality and real estate asset management.

And indeed, looking at the longer-term regional goals, it looks like Mr Su will stay true to the advice he gives to budding entrepreneurs: Never give up.