Doing good work does not necessarily get you noticed by the right people. To advance your career in today's workplace, you need to perform well and have good social skills.

Mr Adrian Tan, a job-hunting coach and founder of a career coaching and planning agency, shared some pointers on how to be noticed by your boss so you can move towards your career goals.

Self-promotion Faux Pas

The key factor to getting noticed is to establish a good image.Mr Tan advised against selling yourself as a jack-of-all-trades.

He said: "It is important to be prominent and seen as an industry expert. Give speeches at industry events, be featured in the company newsletter, and give opinions to publications that are relevant to your industry."

These are good starting points to let others see you in a controlled and positive light.

Social Support

Never underestimate the power that your network of colleagues can do to boost your visibility in the company.

This is why you should remember not to step on anyone's toes along the way.

Mr Tan said: "It is important to note that self-promotion should not be done at the expense of anyone else in the team. See each individual as someone on the same side as you. It should be done in the greater interest of the company. If the company benefits, everyone else would too, and eventually, yourself.

Make Your Plans Known

Initiate a career-planning conversation with your boss and do not wait for the performance review.

Mr Tan explained: "A performance review is a retrospective look at your contributions, while career-planning is about looking forward. This will reveal your long-term interest in the company and allow your boss to be your mentor, not just your reporting officer. As career goals are set, the rate of failure would be low and expectations would be aligned."

Let Others Do The Talking

Bringing up your achievements repeatedly may have an undesirable effect on your reputation. Mr Tan said that the best way to remain in the spotlight is for others to mention your positive qualities.

He shared that one great way to go about doing it is to be a presenter of new ideas and projects. That way, you can control your visibility and how the management perceives you.