If you’re going to spend eight or more hours a day at work, it is important that you feel that you are doing something fulfilling and enjoyable.

And when it comes to getting a job – you may like to think about your longer-term career development and growth; rather than short-term or immediate gains such as the salary or benefits.

We take a look at one such company which invests in developing its talent pool.

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly-traded international oil and gas company committed to providing energy safely, reliably and in a sustainable manner. In Singapore, ExxonMobil employs more than 3,300 employees across its integrated refining and petrochemical complex, and its corporate offices.


Developing its people

Training (both on-the-job and formal courses), job rotations, mentoring and coaching are key tools that ExxonMobil uses to develop its people. Courses and programs are available for employees interested to advance their management or technical skills. On-the-job training also presents vast learning opportunities, and newer employees will be guided by their mentors and supervisors in the new role. 

As a multi-national corporation with global operations, employees also have the opportunity to take on overseas assignments and be exposed to different cultures and work environments. The range of opportunities and training highlight ExxonMobil’s commitment to nurturing its employees to achieve their potential, throughout their career with the company.


Safety at work: A core value

Safety is more than just a priority at ExxonMobil – it is a core value and an integral part of its culture. Protecting the safety and health of its workforce is fundamental to ExxonMobil’s business. Its goal - “Nobody Gets Hurt” – highlights ExxonMobil’s commitment to safety as it strives to be a global safety leader in the industry and among companies worldwide.


Good corporate citizen

ExxonMobil also strives to be a good corporate citizen by ensuring it minimises impact on the environment, and working with governments and stakeholders to enhance the quality of life in the communities they operate in around the world. Globally, it supports three broad causes: Education and teacher development programmes, fighting malaria and empowering women economically.

In Singapore, community investments and employee volunteerism efforts are channelled towards:

  • Community welfare (Adopt-A-Rental-Block, ExxonMobil-SWCDC Transport Bursary)
  • Education (Junior Achievement Singapore, Caring Teacher Awards, Outstanding Social Worker Awards)
  • Health & environment (Blood donation drives)
  • Arts (ExxonMobil Campus Concerts at NUS, NAC-ExxonMobil Concert in the Park series)

You could be part of the energy that fuels ExxonMobil forward.

Explore the world of opportunities waiting for you or find out more on building a career with ExxonMobil.