What is it that makes a hiring manager hire one person and not another?

The answer lies in these five Cs:


One way to highlight your competencies at the interview is to be sure you know the job description well.

Look at the details and check off what you already know. Mark out what you have done before. In your responses, make sure you cite examples that prove you have the competencies that they are looking for.


Hiring managers and HR practitioners around the world hire people who suit their culture — people who act and think like them, and who share their values.

Ask yourself what attracted you to the job? What is it you like about the culture of the company? What do you have in common with the company that will make you fit in seamlessly?


Most hiring managers want people who will stay committed to the job in spite of the challenges he may face after coming on board.

Why not share an example on how you overcame a difficulty and still stayed committed in your last role? If you have a good track record, bring it to the attention of your hiring manager.


Sometimes you might wonder why you are asked questions whose answers can be found in your resumé.

This is because the interviewer wants to hear it directly from you, to assess how credible you are and determine if your achievements can be backed up with your verbal explanations.


Hiring managers do not just hire people who can do the job. They want people of good character too.

When asked about your weaknesses, don’t feel that you need to cover up and make your weakness look like a strength. Truly confident people do not shy away from talking about the areas of improvement in their lives and the steps they are taking to overcome a weakness.

Article by associate certified coach Pam Yeo-Vas.

The is an excerpt of an article that was first published in The Straits Times Recruit.

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