Happiness has always been a by-product of positive outcomes.

Here are three simple perspectives on how we can view our jobs differently and be happier at work:


Is the work we are assigned to a burden or an opportunity?

They are opportunities because they increase our market value, just like learning new things and getting to know new colleagues across inter-departmental projects.

Look for the positive resources that you can accumulate as they will stay with you for an extended period.


Being objective helps to clear your mind and gets you into the momentum.

This turns off our emotional button. I believe that we can either be emotional or objective at any point in time, but not both.

Happiness is often derived by momentum and not staying still.

Be objective in your mind and start seeking out the true return on investment you can get from the task.


Using positive words triggers high energy, which will reflect on you psychologically and physiologically.

By shifting how you think, you can change how you feel. Using positive words in what you say will reinforce your happiness, one day at a time.

Often, it is not about having a bad day but what positive impact we can make during the day.

Tough times do not last — only happy people do.

Article by Joseph Wong, the behavioural transformation coach and leadership influence expert of TrainingGearAsia.

The is an excerpt of an article that was first published in The Straits Times Recruit.