Trust is an extremely valuable currency because it is the glue that connects our relationships with others. Trust enables us to achieve great things together.

Managers or team leaders, who have others reporting to them, whether in a line function or project teams, play an important role in this regard.

Here are three ways to elevate the level of trust in an organisation:


Explain the reasons behind your statements, opinions or requests clearly.

Don’t assume others know what you are thinking. Make your thinking explicit. For example, if you think the report submitted by your staff is not up to standard, don’t just say: “This report needs to be reworked. Please redo it.”

Instead say: “Sections A and B need more detail. Please include descriptions of the process flow and detailed comparisons of the different options. We need to do this because the customer will be looking out for this information.”


What is the mindset of a coach and how is it different from the business, planning or strategic aspects of your work?

The difference is — as a coach, you are focused on the person or people. People want to develop themselves and do good work. As a coach, you want to bring that out.

Find out your employees’ skill and motivation levels, then support them.

When people see you putting in effort to develop them, trust in the team and the organisation will grow.


Take the first step and invite feedback from your team, individually or as a whole team. Keep your door open.

Ask simple but effective questions like: “What feedback do you have to help me be a better manager for the team? What should I start, stop or continue doing?”

Check in with your team informally from time to time.

Article by Chris Chew, an organisational development practitioner who is a passionate advocate of holistic thinking and people/leadership engagement skills.

This is an excerpt of an article that was first published in The Straits Times Recruit.