All interviews are different depending on the position that you are applying for, and there is no proper way to prepare for all interviews. However, there are certainly areas where we can enhance and prepare for so that the chances of us getting accepted for the position are greatly increased.

Read Up On Company Background

Always remember that you should read up about the company background before going for any interview. Interviewers often test interviewees about company background to test their understanding and how much ‘homework’ they have done before coming for the interview.

Understand, specifically, the roles that you are applying for. Let’s say you are applying for marketing roles, do take special note of the different marketing styles that they use; on Facebook, Instagram, etc… All these understanding will not only demonstrate your readiness to the interviewers, but also impress them which help to score some additional points.

Prepare Your Portfolio

If applicable, please prepare your portfolio beforehand to show your interviewer. Your portfolio should be well-organised and include all your past work and creation. A well-organised portfolio tells the interviewer about your character; that you are not a messy person.

Not only that, all these creations serve as an evidence to back your words up, because nobody can deny the good work that you have done. Don’t be afraid to show your creation, your design style might be what the company is looking for.

Prepare Questions

Finally, prepare a set of questions to ask interviewers. A lot of people don’t see the need in asking questions after the interview, but asking questions will show your interest and enthusiasm towards the position.

For example, ask questions related to your work “What are the day-to-day responsibilities of the role?” This will indicate over and over again to the interviewers that you are ready for the job which is another reason for them to accept you.

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