In this exclusive article, we have consolidated the best & most useful tips for you to attract the right applicants you want as an employer.


1. Job Titles

Job titles are the first thing qualified candidates look at. Recruiters and employers should capture the attention of potential candidates by continually testing and analysing the job titles.

For example, try testing out which job title, ‘Senior Marketing Executive’ or ‘Senior Marketer’, garners more applicants to apply to the job. Subsequently, improve the job titles and find the most suitable and persuasive one.

Job titles are also the most important part of any job ads as search engines often use it to understand which keywords are related to it. At the end of the day, it pays to be clear, succinct and as specific as possible when it comes to job titles. Likewise, do avoid using abbreviations at all times!

P.S. Never underestimate the power of a simple yet effective job title.


2. Job Description/Content

Getting the content right for the job you’re advertising is very important. Just because it works well for another organization/company, doesn’t mean it will do the same for you.

It is best to offer potential applicants a sense of what is different and unique about your organization, which in turn provides a clear understanding of the structure, culture and environment of your company.

If your company is a start-up/design company, you may want to consider setting a lighter tone and be creative in your job descriptions. Sentences like ‘are you someone who loves lending a hand to others?’ or ‘so throw your hat into the ring and be a part of our team today!’ are some of the compelling introductions you can consider when writing your job content.

Also, you can make use of certain keywords to improve the searchability of your company, which also varies from industry to industry. You should always remember to state what is essential and forgo writing content that will scare people away.

Lastly, use bullet points to make your content clear and easy to read.


3. Streamline your hiring process

Many times, the application process takes up too much time and effort for the job seekers, causing them much frustration and subsequently leading to loss of interest. By removing unnecessary steps and stages in this process, you can ensure that you do not lose quality candidates to lengthy processes. E.g. Use of mobile apps/simpler applications could retain the number of job seekers.


4. Branding

There is a strong and relevant link between a strong employer brand and applications from suitable candidates. This is similar to review sites having revolutionised how people pick the restaurants they go to.

Start managing your company’s brand today to safeguard the pool of right candidates you could choose from.


5. Invest when you need to

This is particularly helpful when the jobs you have posted show fewer results over time. Just like any other search engines out there, you should be attentive to where your job postings appear. If they have been pushed to the bottom as new jobs are added, then it is time for you to use ‘Sponsored Jobs’ or convert to a ‘Featured Employer’.

This method will definitely ensure that you have the right pool of candidates and job seekers to pick from over time.