1. Take initiative and exceed expectations
Do not wait to be assigned work during discussions, take initiative and ask if you are able to take on certain tasks. This proves that you are thinking ahead and you are able to take extra responsibility in your work.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions/ ask for feedback
Through asking questions, there will always be growth by clearing your doubts. Through feedback from your boss, you will understand on where and how to improve your work quality. Your boss will see you as an competent worker who is performing and when a promotion opportunity arises, you will stand out.

3. Communicate your work status with your boss
Communicate with your boss on your responsibilities and assignments and make sure he or she recognises your work quality. Do not assume that your boss is aware of the work you do just because of the hours you put into it.

4. Improve your skills set
Always look for ways to learn new skills that can turn you into an asset to the company. Some skills such as leadership and strategic planning are often taken into considerations when a better position arises.

5. Make your point across that you desire a promotion
Do not be apprehensive about conveying your thoughts to your boss on getting a promotion. You have worked hard and you are deserving of the title. Continue to outperform on your current projects but at the same time, let the correct people be aware that you aspire to climb the corporate ladder.

Article contributed by Goh Jia Yi
Editor: Tess Jiang