1. Dress professionally
Put on your best outfit that will substantiate your sincereness and professionality, like how you would prepare yourself before an interview.

2. Groom yourself
First impression matters, so guys do remember to shave and girls remember to put on some makeup. It is important to look clean and approachable at a career fair. A unshaven moustache may come off as sloppy to the recruiters.Look out for other things such as keeping your hair neat, making sure your shirt or dress is ironed, your shoes are clean and your tie is proper.

3. Be polite and respectful
Be extra courteous when you are speaking to the recruiters as first impression counts. Avoid coming off as a rude and arrogant person.

4. Follow up
If you promised to provide reference or sending your resume/cv/portfolio over to the recruiter, do make a point to remember and send it over as soon as possible.

5. Send ‘Thank You’ notes
Let the recruiter know that you appreciate and remember meeting him or her. This provides you an added advantage as compared to the great bulk of candidates they met at the career fair.

Article contributed by Goh Jia Yi
Editor: Tess Jiang