1 Do not be late
Punctuality tells a lot about what a person you are. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview. You can use this time to calm yourself down and prepare for the interview as well.

2 Greet and introduce yourself
Always greet and introduce yourself. The interviewer has to meet many candidates in the day, and will not recognise who you are right away. So always introduce yourself right before the interview starts.

3 Take note of your body language
Avoid slouching, shaking your legs or clicking your pen as all these show that you are nervous and unprofessional. Sit up straight and let the interviewer know that you are listening intently.

4 Do professional hand shake
Be prepared for a firm handshake to show that you are confident. An interviewer can sense if you are nervous or unprepared through a limp handshake.

5 Smile and nod
Do not stare into space or at the interviewer when he or she is speaking during the interview. Nod to acknowledge that you are listening to them. Always remember to smile!

6 Let the interviewer talk
Do not cut into their sentences or try to complete their sentences. Let them lead the interview and ask you questions instead.

7 Thank the interviewer
Show your appreciation and thank the interviewer for their time. This will leave a lasting good impression.

Article contributed by Goh Jia Yi
Editor: Tess Jiang