Everybody wants to be liked at work, by our colleagues, and most importantly, our bosses.

Many a times, our pay rise, bonuses, day offs and happiness at work are all directly related to how our boss thinks of us. If your boss likes you, well, good for you. However, if you suspect your boss doesn’t like you or probably hates you, it is time to do something about it.

Here are some tell-tale signs your boss doesn’t really fancy you and that all these isn’t just you overthinking it:

1) Body language
He gives you crossed arms whenever he is talking to you. You notice those subtle eye rolls, the avoiding of eye contact and the times he sits or stands facing away from you. Body language says a lot more than words. They can even reveal a person’s true feelings towards you.

2) You are not a part of decision making
When it comes to important decision making, you realise you are always out of the picture. It could be that your boss does not trust your opinions. This includes leaving you out of special projects and important meetings. As all these suggest, you are not valued by your boss.

3) Micromanages you
Does your boss micromanage every part of your work life? This means checking on your emails before you have them sent out and managing every little bit of your work life. If this happens, there could be insecurity of some level coming from him. Furthermore, should this be only happening to you, then it’s a definite sign you’re on his naughty list.

4) Avoidance/not acknowledging you
He doesn’t acknowledge you with a ‘hello’ or a simple nod whenever he walks past you. It isn’t difficult to do that. He is either trying to tell you he doesn’t care or that he doesn’t like you.

5) Always disagrees with you
He seems to disagree with everything you say or suggest. None of your ideas get through and this somehow only happens with you. I can only say … good luck with that.

6) Giving you menial tasks
You are constantly getting work or tasks that fall below your level of competence, pay grade and experience. This just shows that he doesn’t trust or respect your abilities in any way and you get jobs people would not dream of doing.

7) Easily disinterested
Your boss somehow loses patience with you easily with what you say and he never asks you anything out of your personal life… ever. You see that he is always disinterested with things you bring up. He is either bored or he does not want to connect with you at any level, at all.

These tell-tale signs may or may not apply to you. Should you be facing any problems, try to salvage the situation with your boss before it affects your work performance over a long term. If the situation does not get any better, I would recommend leaving your job (as soon as possible at that).

Article contributed by Gladys Chan